GEZE is 160 years young – a good reason to celebrate!

160 years of GEZE – a long history filled with ups and downs. Through the decades, thanks to our pioneering spirit and force of innovation, we have managed to remain a consistent, reliable and trustworthy partner and employer to our staff. As a sixth generation family business, we are very aware of our responsibility for the environment and for our region – we are well-equipped and confident as we face our exciting future.

Employees are the key to our success

The jubilarians on stage at the GEZE anniversary celebration

34 employees were honoured for their 25 years of service and nine employees for their 40 years of service at our big staff party © Jürgen Biniasch / GEZE GmbH

The company, which began as a craftsman's shop in Göppingen in 1863, has developed into a successful international technology company. Today, GEZE is one of the largest manufacturers and service partners for innovative, modern door, window and safety technology. We know that employees are the key to our ongoing success.

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The extraordinary commitment and loyalty of our employees have played an important role in the company’s 160-year success story.

Sandra Alber, Chief Officer Legal & Finance

Lots of fun was guaranteed at the staff party. © Bianka Bender / GEZE GmbH

Diversity keeps GEZE young

We focus on creating an open and respectful corporate culture, where everyone can contribute their strengths. As part of this focus, we engage in ongoing training, support career starters and young professionals, and are glad to have and retain experienced employees. This helps us retain expertise within our company, while staying “young at heart” in the best sense of the term. After all, as Andrea Alber, Chief Officer Corporate Strategy & Marketing at GEZE puts it: “At its core, GEZE has remained the same company for 160 years, while developing through innovation and adapting to market requirements”.

We are proud of our employees’ outstanding performance and of the consistency that we have demonstrated as a company over 160 years.

Andrea Alber, Chief Officer Corporate Strategy & Marketing at GEZE
Portrait of two Peruvian boys in the meadow

GEZE is taking on a total of 160 sponsorships for children from 44 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. © Plan International

Change requires responsibility

Recent years have been marked by many different kinds of change: we are consistently pursuing a path of digitalisiation, updating our brand image, and our solutions are becoming more digital through networking doors and windows in smart buildings. Also with the changes in the board of management in 2020, we are returning to the model of a “family business” – all with the goal of remaining constant and stable. Through all these changes, we are acutely aware of our responsibilities towards the environment, the surrounding region, and the people. We are using our anniversary year, for example, as an occasion to intensify our partnership with Plan International and invest in our own company honey. “Climate change is one of our primary concerns worldwide – we want to do our part to help create liveable buildings. Global collaboration is essential for this, and will become even more important for our international employees as well”, says Tomislav Jagar, Managing Director Sales at GEZE.

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The 160-year history of our company clearly shows how we have continuously reinvented ourselves Our focus on innovation, quality, and direct contact with our customers has never changed.

Marc Philipp Alber, Chief Officer Product Development & Operations
Bird's eye view of the festival site at the Leonberg location

Over 1,000 employees from all over Germany celebrated 160 years of GEZE in Leonberg. © Juergen Biniasch / GEZE GmbH

Let’s party!

A big anniversary is the perfect time for a party. That’s why more than 1,000 employees from all over Germany celebrated in high spirits in the gorgeous June weather at our location in Leonberg. Attendees partied, talked, danced, and laughed late into the night at the “Super Summer Shindig with #ColdDrinks, #BestMusic #Streetfood, #Beachparty”. Games like “Hau den Lukas” (a strength testing challenge), a can knock down game, “reaction” and many others tested agility, effort and concentration – all part of our focus on “getting older, while staying young”.