Working at GEZE

Agile, digital, international

Working at GEZE means enjoying a challenge within an agile, international, and technically demanding environment. We are at the forefront of developments with regard to the digitalisation, automation and networking of doors and windows. We have the investment capacity and enthusiasm for technology to not only complete on a global level, but to continue our growth.

What we offer

  • Our employees can ask for a subsidised VVS-company ticket or a VVS-season ticket for the regional transport provider. The company ticket is additionally subsidised by GEZE.
  • We work with AMS-Fuhrparkmanagement to provide employees with a direct salary deduction for company cars. The leasing rate is deducted from the gross salary in a tax-efficient manner. Purchase of the vehicle is in line with the employee’s wishes. It is also possible to lease a company bike or an e-bike.
  • Our employees can use a free company car park on GEZE premises.

Our employees have a flexitime schedule so that they are able to flexibly organise their working hours. Any overtime is noted on a flexitime account and can also be taken as time off on an individual basis. Up to 10 flexitime days can be taken on top of 30 days of holiday.

The experience of the last few years shows that collaboration also works in a hybrid working environment. That is why we offer our employees the opportunity to work in a hybrid environment. For this purpose, we use modern tools to exchange information with each other. Through hybrid working, we also contribute to a future worth living. Working from home, but above all replacing business trips with virtual meetings, saves immensely on greenhouse gases. We also rely on digitalisation when it comes to getting to know each other. We now manage most initial interviews within the application process digitally, thus protecting the environment while also reducing the effort for applicants.

© Karin Fiedler / GEZE GmbH

  • We support regional sporting events with our own teams and encourage the creation of in-house teams. Employees can also create sports-related interest groups on their own initiative, as we also provide an in-house sports hall.
  • Every employee can work on their fitness certificate in a nearby fitness studio.
  • The site doctor also offers flu jabs as well as advice on vaccinations and what to do when travelling abroad.
  • We support our employees with childcare and looking after relatives through close collaboration with pme Familienservice Stuttgart.
  • Work/life balance workshops from our range of training options provide concrete assistance in case of overload, stress or symptoms of burn-out.

Our range of training options supports all employees in expanding and developing their skill sets. The options include technical, department and division-related measures as well as cross-area training in methodological and social skills.

We adhere to the principle of ‘fair payment’ which means that salaries are reviewed annually and proactively adjusted, regardless of increases in pay rates.
Furthermore, our employees receive:

  • Christmas and holiday money
  • Gross salary deferred compensation for old-age pension provision or protection against incapacity to work.
  • Capital accumulation benefits

We promise the following:

  • tasks with responsibility, interesting prospects, and pioneering developments
  • a performance-related remuneration
  • work/life balance
  • an open corporate culture and short decision-making channels due to flat hierarchies
  • excellent opportunities for training and development
  • We appreciate our employees and what they do. If possible, management positions are filled in-house.

Careers and prospects at GEZE

Coaching on the job at GEZE © Karin Fiedler / GEZE GmbH

All options are open to you at GEZE! You yourself primarily determine the direction in which you want to go. It’s very important to us to recruit specialists and managers from our own ranks whenever possible. This is why we offer numerous training programmes. Regular appraisals and employee meetings mean we determine your individual training requirements and look together with you for suitable measures. We set great store by ensuring the practical application of what you have learned, and that this knowledge is shared with your colleagues.

You benefit from:

  • Tailored training opportunities
  • Support with related professional qualifications such as, e.g., bachelor or master degrees, technicians and foremen training, post-qualification for production employees
  • Development of future managers with the GEZE Leadership Programme (also as a development discussion, tailored training planning, team development, methods of conflict resolution, coaching / mentoring)

Welcome - onboarding with GEZE

If you come ‘on board’ with us, you will receive a welcome pack containing information about GEZE and, if desired, further information regarding Leonberg and the surrounding area. The ‘starter package’ with personnel questionnaire and other important information will follow.

During the start of your employment, a colleague will also act as a mentor to you, providing advice and help. This helps new employees to have a pleasant and assisted start into the world of GEZE. An induction plan containing scheduled meetings with all relevant colleagues and managers is ready as soon as you start up the computer for the first time. This makes your start with us easier, and we can get to know you as quickly as possible!