GEZE against racism – for a diverse company without fear

Many people experience racism and discrimination – in both their everyday private and professional life. With the aim of improving equal opportunities and diversity within the company, we are actively supporting the initiative of #Hrespect with the motto ‘Love HR, hate racism’.

Time to act: Fight discrimination in the workplace

We encounter racism and discrimination in all areas of life. People are not always ostracised with malicious intent - it often happens unconsciously. Once prejudices and stereotypes have rooted themselves in our minds, they can be difficult to dispel. For those on the receiving end, unequal opportunities and exclusion can be the result. The goal has to be to actively eradicate all forms of racism, discrimination and exclusion. GEZE is openly tackling the issue of racism in the workplace, and so wants to raise awareness of an open and unprejudiced approach.

Love HR, hate racism: a sign against exclusion in the workplace

Since a company’s workforce reflects a part of the population, the issues of racism and discrimination inevitably come up. Companies therefore have a duty to make a clear stance against racism in any form.

Here at GEZE, we believe it is important to support the fight against racism. Our HR department has therefore decided to add weight to the #hrespect campaign. Under the Motto ‘Love HR, hate Racism’, we intend to make a clear statement to our staff, applicants and external partners and customers:

Racism, discrimination and exclusion have no place at GEZE!

Sinem Turan, Head of Human Resources GEZE GmbH

Rather, we want to foster a fear-free corporate culture in which diversity is viewed positively, and people and their capabilities are at the forefront.


Say NO! to discrimination – GEZE supports equal opportunities

If we’re going to eradicate discrimination, it’s important to talk openly about the topic. Anti-racism and anti-discrimination are therefore from now on a conscious topic of conversation in our discussions before and after interviews as part of our recruiting process. We believe that dealing openly with the topic is a fundamental step towards reducing unconscious prejudices, creating equal opportunities and embodying diversity.

You can find full details of the campaign on the hrespect website