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GEZE communication in the digital revolution

Enabling modern working models: our social intranet and collaboration tool GEZEone encourages direct and cross-departmental communication and collaboration, makes project work easier, provides up-to-date information, and supports exchange between colleagues.

The GEZEone information and cooperation platform

GEZEone kills two birds with one stone: on the one hand, our employees are fully informed about what is happening at GEZE - and who is doing or did what - via the intranet. On the other hand, the tool is used to improve collaboration within the team and the project. It is also possible, for example, to work on the same documents in virtual team spaces at the same time.

Up-to-date information and documentation

The GEZE intranet brings employees all the news regarding the company, as well as important in-house matters. This includes important information regarding departments, responsibilities and processes, products and their sales releases. In addition, there is information on training and – of course – the menu in the canteen. Anyone looking for something privately, or wanting to sell or exchange something, can post in the GEZE Community.

In addition, GEZEone also acts as the in-house ‘Wiki’, so as a central knowledge database. It is our ‘digital memory’ - locally and globally. Ultimately it brings together the expertise and ideas of all staff. Who can do what? Who already has experience with this or that tool, service provider, or raw material? GEZEone makes expert knowledge visible. Furthermore, every employee can be quickly networked. All GEZE knowledge is accessible for all employees - they just have to access it themselves.

Processes in projects are noticeably simplified and accelerated

Our intranet not only stores all information centrally, it does quite a lot more besides. It plays an increasingly important role in internal collaboration in project rooms where it serves as a collaboration platform. It integrates functions that encourage open, transparent, and feedback-oriented communication. Project management is experienced differently when combined with our GEZEpro digital project management tool.

Project teams work together in virtual team rooms and can simply and quickly bring together their knowledge, as well as share it across departments. This helps project managers to digitally assign, check, and manage tasks and enables clear, efficient, and agile project development. This makes work easier for everyone involved in the project: fewer emails are sent, files are saved centrally and can be accessed by all project members. Messages regarding agreement on work statuses are posted in the project area, and not sent via email. As a result, everyone involved in a project has the same information and can directly see the work status of a colleague. This accelerates and simplifies many processes

We encourage dialogue

GEZEone not only improve access to information for all employees - it also simplifies the flow of information and collaboration within GEZE in a practical manner. Our social intranet is therefore already well regarded, and pretty much essential today. It also means that we as a company have joined the modern way of working. We encourage dialogue and want to learn from each other. Furthermore, everyone involved benefits: through greater collaboration, improved knowledge, more constructive dialogue, greater success, and more fun. That is what we want! Successful projects need modern and practical means of working.

Benefits of GEZEone/GEZEpro

  • Notion of unity: it shapes the company and creates a sense of belonging through improved transparency.
  • Process optimisation: introducing, improving, and accelerating processes
  • Finding expertise: knowledge of qualifications is a key factor in essential collaboration.
  • Improve capacity for innovation: discussions and networking lead to new, creative ideas.
  • Improving processes: quicker communication and agreement.
  • Knowledge management: topics that have already been discussed are rediscovered, it takes less time to find old results again, and contacts can be found more quickly.
  • Increased efficiency: quicker response times and transparent activities